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Who is the doctor~


Dr. Mic·h~el Roth received his


Bachelors de~ree from the


State University of New York

at OsweL~o and then went on

to con~plete his Doctorate in

Chiropractic at the Los An~eles


College of Chiropractic in

~lr h i tt i e r, C L1I i fO rn i a,


For the past ten years, Dr. Roth has been dedicated to the


study and clinical application of a variety of` holistic healing



He also conducts personal transformational ~·orkshops. where he uses holistic· health


principles as a foundation for


C` h · t n (r e .

C c"


For relaxation, Dr. Roth enjoys particip~ting in marathon and triathlon events throurrhout the


c~, unt ry .


What kind of treatment is

offe red )


The found;ition of the holistic c·;lre ill

this office is Neural Organization


Technique. N,O,T, rt3co~nizes that


order and a priority sy~tcm are needed in the exan~ination and tl'eatn~t'nt (,1`

pat ie nts. The doctor co mbi ne s t he II se

of point system analq;sis and 4pin,ll

adjustments in a unique ~'al~ that actually p~-oc·ides chan~e~ on ,i

quantuln le\el. Mhile cien~c,ll\tl·~~ti II~

specific nuti-itional and hol~~t·opatt~ic·

protocols desic~ned to each p~~ticn1'4

i nd i \r i d u aI need s,


In c I ~r 13 t3 d Mil i t h t·;~ c h N , O , T ,

treatnnent is a compl-t3hc·llsi~·e

chiropractic structl~ral analq'~is \\·ith

the corrootion bt~in~ n~;~dt· ~\~

manual n~anipulation.


In addition to N.().T. anci chil·opl-~~c·tic


intec~ration tec·hniqlle is alst, ~~\·ailahlt·. Neuro-Emotional Techniyue(NE'I' ). and Emotional Repatterning. aI-e exceptional tools used ~·hen it he-

come s e \: i de nt t h at a ph 4· s i c· al p I-ohlt· n~

is Tooted within an ernoti~,nal iSS11L'.


How long will it take)


The tinie it takes for a patient to

I·e~ain optimum health \·aries per-

i n d i \· i d LI;I1 . LJSLI;IIIV ~'011 C`aI1

c'sP"I to be feclinc~ ~reat \vithin

O17t' ttl t`ic~ht M't't3JiS. The nLln~ber

of` t I~eat Il~e nt ~ r~: ou can e xpect. on

;I ~~ c 1-;I ~z c . i ~5 b Ct ~t· t~ t~ n (, n t~ al~ d t e n .


How much will it cost!


INIIlj\l, VISI'I` .......... $7,5



T1~ i s i ~~ c·ll~de s e ~i;ll~~. t 1-e;tt I~~e ~I t. a17d d~)C't()l'~S c\;lluation fol-


S~~~~S F~V I~F~N~1`

I, 1~


\~rsI~r,, ................. ~47


T ~~ i s i n c 1 II ci e s c o n t i n Ire d

za~ion tt·chniqlle.. and spinal


s 1~ r~ s E:V C: E:rV'I' N E:'I`

KE:P:~'I"I`E:KNIN(; ........ $47


This is a 15 n~in~~te session

that includes rc~atterninc~

beliet` systen~s and ph~;·sical

and c·l~~otional intt·(rration.


Millions of people

around the world enjoy the benefits of a holistic approach to their health

Ca re .


If you've been lookinc~ for a doctor who:


+ is an expert in holistic health


intelrates the body

and mind


values your health as much as you do


C;I11 now for

an appointment

(805) 644-1071


Become part of a g'owing population who

have learned that...


II.Yil2S 120(i.~fil' 177YtlIOdS

liVVl,.v !·olr crt O])tj11711112

~c·ctlrlz cr~lcll,uclk


.v~rl~irzS ?·ol·l nlor2e·!




 T.B.M. VVhat is T.B.M. ?


T.B.M. (Total Body Modification) is a

technique that is used to find the organ or area of the body that is stressed, determine why it is

stressed and correct the problem by restoring

balance to the nervous system.


In other words, while basic Chiropractic is used

to correct the Structure and influence the function, T.B.M. corrects the Functional

Physiology (how the body works) which may, in turn, influence structure. Both are essential to optimum health.


In the early days of Chiropractic, the "old time Chiropractor" was not restricted or confUsed by "scienti~c proof' of what they were able to do. These old masters found a problem and corrected it, thereby, building the

reputation of

Chiropractic with their main philosophy being

that the power that

made the body, could

correct the body.


T.B.M. has taken that philosophy and explored the possibilities inherent in the human body of self-regeneration. T.B.M. has demonstrated that if the right thing is done to the body at the right

time and the right way, wonders can happen. By taking the techniques of the old Chiropractic

masters and combining them with modern

technology, T.B.M. has been able to duplicate


the corrections and restoration to health that

the old masters were a~ble to do.


How Does T.B.M. Mcork?


The nervous system is composed of the Central Nervous System, which runs the

voluntary fUnction or movements and the Autonomic Nervous System which runs the

involuntary functions of the body, such as heart beat, digestion, etc. Each of these systems are fUrther divided into Sensory and Motor Fibres.


st t;J ~




The brain is the

primary control for

both branches of the

nervous system. Sensory Fibres carry messages to the brain

where they are

processed, like a computer, and the

brain in turn, tells the body what to do.


Research has proved that under sufficient

stress, from any reason, the neurones in the

brain centers which are controlling the stressed organ or body part essentially depolarize. This

is like blowing a fUse on an electric circuit. The

message gets to the brain but fails to return. The result is that the brain (computer) loses effective control over the afflicted organ or body part. This leaves the organ or body part

running out of control.


Using tried and tested reflex points and muscle

testing , the T.B.M. practitioner can find the

problem. The practitioner will then stimulate a specific area or areas of the spine in a specific manner in an attempt to stimulate the neurones

in the brain to repolarize (fix the fUse) and

allow the brain to regain control of the body

and guide it back to health. Since a correctly

functioning nervous system is a major

requirement for health, it follows that T.B.M. can have a part to play in almost any problem

and uncover and correct the roadblocks to



T.B.M. Research


At this point in time T.B.M. is able to test and

correct most of the known body functions. Through the efforts of and thinking of many

innovators within the Chiropractic profession,

a body of knowledge and repeatable technical procedures has emerged to correct what is

termed functional physiological malfunctions.


Over the years, scientific data has validated much

of what began as a

theory. But the results that have been attained have given the impetus,

the confidence and the

desire to find out more

about how the body really works. Research is

an ongoing activity in T.B.M. and each year

brings new discoveries.


Ask your Chiropractor

what T.B.M, can do

for you!




The Power That IMade The Body, Can Heal The Body.


Chiropractic And T,B.NI. Helps That Power!